Awaji Island is a famous for "Awaji-Onion". The Onion grow in warm climate and well drained soil , it is the best quality onion with sweetness and softness in Japan. And as same as famous food is "Awaji-cattle" The cattle is world-famous as Japanese black cattle with good pedigree and feeder livestock of Kobe-beef and Mita-beef. In additon , there are many well-known foods in the Island like Conger-eel , Octpus , Conger pike , Sea urchin , Abalone , Silk crepe and Sand lance etc. Awaji Island had been called "Mitsuke-Kuni" around 1200 years ago and presented these foods to God and Emperor of Japan. Among the specialties of many of Awaji Island production, name recognition is not enough, but still, what reputation and delicious is "Awaji-chicken (Awajidori)". Awaji-chicken grown in the rich earth of Awaji island has exquisite balance of moderate fat and toned body and the taste is brought on is a gem of excellence of convincing everyone ! Let you know about Awaji-chiken so many people. Speaking of Awaji is "Awaji-chicken". For the day to be called.

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